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Neutel 11, Last Day (of talks!)

March 18, 2011

The conference is coming to a close today, but I believe this blog needs not. First of all, the organizers will make every attempt at organizing a new event one year from now, in which case this site will be again the repository of commentary of the talks; and second, I do not see many neutrino physics blogs out there, and this one might well fill the void, and stay alive providing a source of infomrmation and a place for discussion.

We’ll see about that. I am personally not an expert of neutrino physics, and my field of research is a different one (I work for the CMS experiment at CERN). My colleague bloggers here are more into the matter, and it will be their decision what to do with this successful but young endeavour.

Anyway, there is a lot more blogging to do yet. Let me list here the talks we will hear today here at NEUTEL:

  • Physics with Neutrino Telescopes (Teresa Montaruli)
  • Predicting Galactic Neutrino Fluxes from Gamma Ray Data (Felix Aharonian)
  • Diffuse Neutrino Fluxes (Juergen Brunner)
  • Cosmogenic Neutrinos (Subir Sarkar)
  • IceCube: Status and Developments (Tom Gaisser)
  • What do we know about the Origin of Cosmic Rays? (Paolo Lipari)
  • Results from the AUGER and other UEHCR experiments (Sergio Navas)
  • Antares (Paschal Coyle)
  • KM3NeT  (Piera Sapienza)
  • Perspectives in Neutrino Physics (Guido Altarelli)

So stay tuned!

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