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Poster Summary: Front-end electronics for large arrays of macro-bolometers

March 16, 2017

(by Paolo Carniti) The electronic instrumentation presented in this poster is the result of years of study, development and work carried out by my group from INFN and University of Milano Bicocca, under the supervision of prof. Gianluigi Pessina. This work culminated in the design of a modular system for the read-out of large scale macro-bolometers which will be adopted for the CUORE and CUPID experiments, which are pioneering large-mass bolometric detectors.

The readout system comprise the very front-end electronics (preamplification, second stage amplification, biasing circuitry) but also detector calibration boards and other auxiliary boards but still crucial for the performance of the whole system (stable power supply and voltage references, antialiasing filter, CAN bus optical decouplers).


Figure 1: the readout scheme 

Particular attention was given in the design of the very front-end: although bolometric signal readout with NTDs could appear an easy task, being a resistance measurement with low bandwidth signals, many critical aspects should be considered: very high stability over time, low noise at very low frequency, vibrational noise suppression on the link from the cryostat, etc.


Figure 2: the preamplifier

In this poster is presented an overview of the whole front-end readout system, schematized in Fig.1. Figure 2 is a picture of the single channel preamplifier.

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