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The SOX experiment

March 16, 2017

di notoSox , presented by Lea di Noto (right) addresses te anomalies seen by LSND, MiniBooNE, Gallex and Sage, and the reactor neutrino flux. These can hardly be fit within the three-flavour matrix. One may hypothesize the existence of sterile neutrinos, which could explain the inconsistencies by not having SM interactions and coupling with the Z boson, mixing with the three other states.

Sox aims to use antineutrino sources from Cesium and Praseoudimium to test specifically the Gallium anomaly. Sox stands for “Short neutrino Oscillation with BoreXino”. The idea is to place a high activity source (100-150 kCi) under the Borexino detector, at a distance of 8.3 meters. This number matches the supposed length of oscillation corresponding to the measured anomalies. A deviation from the 1/r^2 distribution in counting rate could be observed in Borexino.






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