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Poster Summary: Atmospheric Neutrino Trident Production – Turning a Neutrino Telescope into a Collider

March 15, 2017

(by Shao-Feng Ge) The neutrino oscillation is the first place that new physics beyond the Standard Model (SM) is observed. Nevertheless, current neutrino oscillation experiments cannot directly observe the mechanism behind the neutrino mass, mixing, and interactions. If a neutrino oscillation experiment can be turned into an instrument for direct observation of new physics, its physics potential can be significantly extended. In this sense, neutrino experiment can also work as collider.

The neutrino trident production can serve this purpose of turning neutrino telescope
into a collier. We propose using PINGU and ORCA to observe the atmospheric neutrino trident production. Especially, the two muons in the final state can leave a distinctive signal of two long tracks that are simultaneously produced at the same vertex. With their huge volume, tens of events can be observed. To illustrate the physics potential of this new observational channel, we show that the atmospheric neutrino trident production can explore the existence of an extra gauge (scalar) boson Z’ (S’) across the whole mass range from MeV to TeV scales, far beyond the reach at colliders.

ge1 feyn_axodraw

Figure 1: diagrams for multi-lepton production in neutrino interactions

ge2 chi2_Zprime

Figure 2: limits on Z’ mass and coupling by various experiments compared

Reference: Shao-Feng Ge, Manfred Lindner, Werner Rodejohann, “New Physics and Atmospheric Neutrino Trident Production with PINGU and ORCA”,

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