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A Neutrino Platform

March 14, 2017

20170314_161416Marzio Nessi (left) discussed the plans for future neutrino accelerator physics, starting by citing several statements made in the past few years by organizations drawing the strategy in Europe, in the US, and in Japan.

As the US and Japan are following their different paths, CERN can be a support structure for all those activities. This brings in the concept of a CERN Neutrino Platform. The initial mandate (2015) is to assist the various groups in their R&D phase, in the short and medium term, and give coherence to a fragmented European Neutrino Community. It will provide to the community a test beam infrastructure, continue R&D on a neutrino beam.


Above, one slide on the picture given by Nessi of recent developments

THe LAr TPC technology is emerging as the solution in US facilities. The technology for near detectors is more vague. CERN can support with R&D these endeavours, and provide a large infrastructure to the benefit of the neutrino community.

6 projects have been presented to the SPSC and approved: ICARUS as far detector for the US SBN; protoDUNE WA105 demonstrator, PLAFOND, protodUNE, Baby Mind, and Argon Cube. A few more projects are in the pipeline.

Nessi showed that the project is proceeding, with a large test beam infrastructure in the north area at CERN, with four large clean rooms, and assembly areas plus R&D labs. In this large station  (EHN1-1) two beam lines can impinge. A single-phase prototype of 11.5 meter in side with 770 tons of LAr will be put in the SpS CERN beam.





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