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This blog will update readers on the presentations, the discussions, the happenings, and the highlights of the Neutrino Conference NEUTEL 11, which takes place in Venice, Italy between March 15th and March 18th.

Besides discussing highlights of NeUTEL, the authors will post material which may be of interest of visitors.

Below is a preliminary list of the contributors, in alphabetical order, and a short presentation.

Tommaso Dorigo: I am a INFN researcher in Padova and a long-time blogger (his site is here). Although not a neutrino specialist, I have followed the last few editions of NEUTEL because they take place in my home town, and they constitute an easy way to keep updated with the research on neutrinos and astroparticle physics.

Angela Fava: I am an INFN post-doc in Padova, working on ICAURS T600 experiment @ LNGS (a liquid Argon TPC detector studying neutrinos from several different sources and mainly looking for nu-tau appearance in a nu-mu beam coming from CERN). I’ve been dealing with neutrino physics for 5 years and I’ve participated in the last 4 editions of Neutel, a Workshop not to be missed if you want to stay in contact with the “Neutrino world”.

Luca Merlo: I am a postdoc at the Technische Universitat of Munich. As a theoretical physicist, my principal interest is in flavour model building, that means the use of flavour symmetries to explain the origin of fermion masses and mixings in models beyond the SM. I approached this topic in a period when there has been a great interest in reproducing the mixings among three oscillating neutrinos by the use of discrete non-Abelian flavour symmetries. I worked on this subject too, analysing several neutrino mixing patterns, the extensions to the quark sector, the appearance of FCNC processes and the interplay with Leptogenesis.

Mauro Mezzetto:

Jester: is  a nom-de-plume of a Parisian physicist Adam Falkowski who maintains the Resonaances blog.

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  1. interested reader permalink
    March 6, 2011 10:31 pm

    Thank you for the neutel11 blog. Will there be an RSS feed?

    Thanks and kind regards.

  2. Francesco Vissani permalink
    March 17, 2011 5:56 pm

    dear all,
    since today is italy’s birthday, why not to remind that the above meeting in fermilab will be following a meeting in italy on similar subjects
    btw, mauro mezzetto is among organizers 🙂

  3. Richard permalink
    March 16, 2017 5:06 pm

    Dear all,

    All these talk and poster summaries are just fascinating.

    I’m no longer in the sciences (washed out into “industry” long ago), and I find the informed but non-specialist technical level of the writing to be spot-on, with some details (as they should) going over my head, good high-level condensation of the gist of the talks, useful references, interesting asides.

    It’s a deeply interesting and active field of inquiry and experimentation, and it’s a real service to present a comprehensible and informed overview to those outside the field.

    I expect you do not get much direct appreciation for taking on a large amount of non-stop work. You should.

    Many thanks.

    • March 17, 2017 8:39 pm

      Dear Richard,
      as you well guessed, I do not get much recognition for this, no – but I do it for the people out there, who look for understandable bits of information on this rather closed circle of studies. I do not do it for the conference itself, which survives well without it….

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