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March 17, 2017

20170317_122158Mauro Taiuti (left) talked about the ARCA part of the Km3Net project, dedicated at astroparticle research in the high-energy part of the neutrino spectrum.

IceCube has indicated the path for neutrino astronomy. We learned a lot from it, and we look forward to improve the situation; water may provide a higher resolution to neutrino signals.

The main feature of the DOM modules is the capability to detect the direction of the incoming light. Each is provided with 31 3″ PMTs. Each detection unit has 18 DOM integrated on vertical strings deployed in the sea and anchored to the sea floor.

In phase 1, a preliminary production of a limited number of detection units, as a proof of feasibility and first science results, with 24 ARCA strings. This is fully funded. In phase 2, two blocks of ARCA have to be constructed, with which a program of studies of neutrino astronomy can be done. 1 block has been almost fully funded already. In phase 3, 6 blocks will be built, with which neutrino astronomy and galactic sources can be studied.

Some performance results were presented by the speaker for muon detection. The muon track covers a large volume in the detector, allowing for good angular and energy resolution. For the angle they expect to reach a 0.1 degrees for 10 TeV. The energy resolution should be 0.3 in logarithm of the muon energy.

Arca can detect events from electron neutrinos; one may still reconstruct the incoming angle, with worse resolution but still workable, 2 degrees for energies above 10 TeV. The energy resolution is better, about 10%.

Taiuti also showed the sensitivity to point-like galactic sources, with a sensitivity above 5 sigma with 5 years of observation data.








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