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Posters at NEUTEL 11

March 18, 2011

We did not cover here the poster session that occurred on Wednesday evening after dinner… Most of us bloggers had better things to do than hang around at the conference site! Now, the abstracts of all posters are available in the conference site, but here I would like to publicize them by listing just their title, so that if you see anything of your liking you can check the above link, and maybe contact the poster author.

  • Opportunities of Gallium experiments with artificial neutrino sources for investigation of transition to sterile states (Valery Gorbachev)
  • From paired super-radiance to neutrino mass spectroscopy using atoms (N. Sasao)
  • LUCIFER: A Scintillating Bolometer Array for the Search of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay (Laura Cardani )
  • Improving the KM3NeT sensitivity (Oleg Kalekin)
  • Uncovering Multiple CP-Nonconserving Mechanisms of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay (Aurora Meroni)
  • SNO+ experiment as a Neutrino Telescope (Takashi Iida)
  • Leptogenesis in a scenario inspired to SO(10) with a compact spectrum for the right-handed neutrinos (Franco Buccella)
  • Effects of Resonant Spin-Flavor Conversion of Supernova Neutrinos in Supernova Neutrino Event (Takashi Ioshida)
  • Remarks on the forces generated by two-neutrino exchange (Silvano Petrarca)
  • A road to reach higher precision in Borexino: the detector calibration campaigns (Alessandra Carlotta Re)
  • A T’ flavour model for fermions and its phenomenology (Luca Merlo)
  • Beta spectroscopy with superconducting calorimeters for the direct measurement of the neutrino mass (Daniela Bagliani)
  • Monte Carlo simulation study of the muon-induced neutron flux in LNGS (Rino Persiani)
  • Neutrino Mass Hierarchy Determination using Reactor Antineutrinos (Pomita Ghoshal)
  • The 14N(p,g)15O reaction and the metallicity of the Sun (Antonio Caciolli)
  • A new design for the CERN-Frejus neutrino Super Beam (Andrea Longhin)
  • The MEMPHYS Project (Alessandra Tonazzo)
  • Discovery potential of a future very large underwater neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean Sea (Apostolos Tsirigotis)
  • Measurements of neutron spectra characteristics using NaCl in LVD (Irina Shakiryanova)
  • Analysis of the temperature variations of neutrons generated by muons in the detector LVD (Olga Ryazhskaya)
  • The T2K TPC calibration tools and relation to physics results (Panagiotis Stamoulis)
  • Status and performance of ND280, the T2K near detectors (Jeffrey Wilkes)
  • Efforts towards a measurement of charged current quasi-elastic neutrino interactions in ND280 (Lorena Escudero)
  • Study of Neutrino Interactions Using the Electronic Detectors and Emulsion-Lead Targets of the OPERA Experiment (Kose Umut)
  • The Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment (Pierrick Hanlet)
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