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Poster Summary: Blazar Origin of Some IceCube Events

March 15, 2017

(by Alberto Rosales de Leòn) The work summarized in the poster can be understood in two different approaches. In a theoretical way explores the possibility of neutrino and gamma-rays production in the frame of the photohadronic model of a flaring blazar. On the other hand, using the data available from IceCube and a list of some possible candidates (flaring blazars) from the Fermi-LAT it is performed a statistical analysis to look for possible correlations between this two sets.


Figure 1: This figure represents the schematics of a flaring blazar. During this period the object can have a higher photon density in a compact and confined region inside the jet (inner jet), making the process efficient enough to produce high energy (multi-TeV) gamma-rays and neutrinos through delta resonance.


Figure 2: This figure is a sky map in equatorial coordinates of 37 IceCube events and 12 possible sources taking into account for the analysis. The track events are shown with a cross (x) and the shower events are shown with a plus sign (+) inside their respective angular error. The sources shown are classified as follows: The blue stars are FSRQs (Flat Spectrum Radio Quasars) meanwhile the red circles are BL Lac objects.

Using an Unbinned Maximum Likelihood Method (UMLM) the results show a posteriori p-value above 0.99 for each source considered, therefore it is consistent with the background fluctuation. For the analysis it was taking into account: The energy dependence of the signal and background functions and the prompt contribution to the atmospheric flux. Still there is not enough statistical evidence to claim a correlation of the sources shown in the sky map with the IceCube events.

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