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Status of Super-Kamiokande

March 14, 2017

20170314_120804Masato Shiozawa (right) talked about the status of SuperKamiokande. The history of this giant detector has been described shortly in a post from yesterday’s “Breakthrough Prize” session.

Among the many interesting results, was one slide about the evidence for tau neutrino appearance, for which there is a signal at 4.6 standard deviations. This is shown below.


A number of other results were shown by the speaker. Perhaps another result of special interest, worth mentioning here, is a fit to atmospheric neutrino data with fixed value of theta_13, which obtains different p-values for the data given normal and inverted mass hierarchies. The IH hypothesis gives a p-value of 3.1% for sin^2 theta_23=0.6; the normal hierarchy is favored, with a p-value of the data of 45%. Including T2K data, the p-values become 2.4% and 43% for the two cases (IH/NH).

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