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Status of RENO

March 14, 2017

20170314_093403Soo-Bong Kim (left) discussed new results from the RENO reactor neutrino experiment. In RENO the nuclear power plant consists of a line of six detectors, and the near detector is 290 meters away from the center of the array, while the far detector is at 1.4 km. The technology of the detector is similar to the one already discussed of Double Chooz. Like that experiment, the focus of RENO is a measurement of theta_13 based on the measurement of antineutrino fluxes and an extraction of the disappearance fraction.

Their measurement also allowed to determine an excess at 5 MeV in the spectrum of reactor neutrinos, using 1400 days of reactor data. This deviation was also seen in Double Chooz and Daya Bay, although with smaller significance. The excess was shown to indeed come from reactor neutrinos. A test shows that there is a small correlation between the fraction of 235-U in the fuel and the rate of this excess, but this result is not yet significant enough to provide an explanation of the observation.


Above, the excess is seen both in near and far-detector RENO data (from Arxiv:1410.7987)

A new paper discussing the anomaly is arxiv:1610.04326 .

The final goal of RENO is to obtain a 7% precision to theta_13, and a 6% precision on delta_m^2(ee).


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