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Results and Perspectives of T2K

March 14, 2017

20170314_111034.jpgAlexander Izmaylov (right) gave a presentation on the recent news from T2K. The history of T2K was covered in a post yesterday. Alexander mentioned the geometry, pointing out one special feature of T2K: the off-axis technique monitors the beam intensity and direction, and optimizes the flux for the maximum of the muon neutrino oscillation at SuperKamiokande. Two near detectors measure the flux on and off axis to improve the knowledge of the spectrum and the reduction of systematics. The scheme of the off-axis geometry is shown below.


Alexander went through the recent determinations of angles and delta_CP phase. A slide summarizing some of the results is shown below.


Maybe the most important new result is the exclusion of the no-CP-violation scenario at 90% confidence level. A phase-2 has been proposed, to run the experiment through years 2020-2026, providing a smooth transition to the HyperKamiokande era; possibly, a new near detector will also be constructed. In phase-2, 20×10^21 protons-on-target will allow the experiment to obtain a 3-sigma exclusion of non-CP-violation, depending on the mass hierarchy and the precise value of delta_CP.


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