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Poster summary: Neutrino masses and ordering via multimessenger astronomy

March 14, 2017

(by Aurora Meroni) The poster illustrates the theoretical framework and  the conditions under which multi-messenger astronomy can provide useful information about neutrino masses and their ordering. The framework uses time differences between the arrival of neutrinos and the other light messenger, i.e. the graviton, emitted in astrophysical catastrophes. Figure 1 shows, for example, the time lapses between the three neutrino mass eigenstates using the distance of the source of GW150914, L=400 Mpc and a neutrino energy Enu=5 MeV. 


Figure 1

In the poster, it is also shown the result of a preliminary feasibility study elucidating the experimental reach and challenges for planned neutrino detectors such as Hyper-Kamiokande as well as future several megaton detectors (see Fig. 2). This study shows that future experiments can be useful in testing independently the cosmological bounds on absolute neutrino masses. Concretely the success of such measurements depends crucially on the available rate of astrophysical events and further requires development of high resolution timing besides the advocated need of megaton size detectors.


Figure 2

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