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Neutel XVII Registrations Are Open

November 22, 2016

It is with pleasure that I announce here the opening of early registrations to the traditional Neutrino Telescopes conference in Venice, at this indico web page. The conference, which takes place every two years in the beautiful venue of Palazzo Franchetti in Venice, has reached the XVII edition. It will take place from March 13th to 17th, 2017.

The recent years have seen a booming increase in interest in neutrino physics, with dozens of new big projects getting funded or becoming operational. Some of those experiments are producing results of unprecedented accuracy in the measurement of neutrino properties and in the determination of standard model parameters connected to the neutrino sector. A few nagging questions – most importantly, the existence of sterile neutrinos and the nature of the mass hierarchy – are being tackled with impetus; it is not far-fetched to expect that this edition of the conference will significantly advance our understanding of those questions.

In this blog, if you have the patience to browse through hundreds of articles, you will find summaries of presentations given in the recent editions of the conference, as well as reports of the sessions and of the posters produced by young participants. I do hope that the XVII edition will continue to be covered here as well as the past editions have.

So the local organizing committee of Neutel XVII invites you to Venice next March, hoping to provide you with a rich scientific offer as well as with the customary appealing location and hospitality. Don’t miss the chance!





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