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A word about the author

March 10, 2015

Some readers are asking who wrote the articles in this blog during the conference… That’s right, I never took the time to present myself. My name is Tommaso Dorigo and I have taken the responsibility of broadcasting the highlights from the Neutrino Telescopes conference since a few years ago.

I am not a neutrino physicist so I think I am in the right position to transmit the essential information, automatically filtering out the too technical details and the notions way above my head – which are likely also out of reach of the general outside reader. I am a collider physicist working for the CMS collaboration at CERN; I run a blog since 2005, A Quantum Diaries Survivor, where I try to do physics outreach, with highs and lows.

Through many years of blogging I have understood that this kind of work is surely unrewarding, certainly time-consuming, but also useful and important to bridge the gap with the general public. There is a large potential audience of laypersons who read about science and want to keep up to date with the developments in basic scientific research.

So that’s it – if you want to keep following high-energy physics news, my blog (linked above) is a good option. Or wait for two years and come back here for more interesting news about neutrinos!

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