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Neutrino Telescopes XVI Day 2: The Program

March 3, 2015

This morning at NeuTel are scheduled seven talks:

– LNGS programs (S.Ragazzi)

– Borex (C.Galbiati)

– Super-Kamiokande (M.Nakahata

– Opera (A.Paoloni)

– Icarus (C.Montanari)

– Neutrino cross sections: models (M.Martini)

– Neutrino cross sections: experimental results (K.McFarland

In the afternoon eight more talks will be given:

– Neutrinos from the Earth: Status and Perspectives (B.Ricci)

– Double Chooz (C.Buck)

– New results from Reno (S-H. Seo)

– Daya Bay (L.Zhan)

– Observational evidence for Dark matter and Dark energy (M.oncadelli)

– Direct searches of Dark Matter (E.Aprile)

– Indirect Searches of Dark Matter (M.Cirelli)

– The Hunt for Axions (A.Ringwald)

I will try to report on most of the above presentations, plus add some poster excerpts during the day. So visit this blog often today!

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