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NeuTel Starting !

March 12, 2013

So here we are. I had hoped that this blog would be able to follow the recent developments in HEP in the course of the last few weeks – particularly the new results being shown at the Moriond 2013 conferences, with important new measurements of Higgs boson properties and several interesting new results (time allowing, I will discuss later the Bc->psi(2S)pi observation by LHCb, for instance) – but the fact is, the crew of writers for this blog isn’t exactly as numerous as I expected.

I will try nonetheless to cover the most interesting talks here, and have invited the participants to also contribute with their own scribblings. The conference starts today (March 12th) and lasts until March 15th. Today the morning will feature a first tribute to Milla Baldo Ceolin (the mastermind behind this cycle of conferences, and one of the leading physicists who investigated neutrinos in the last fifty years), followed by a talk by Carlo Rubbia (“A millimole of muons for a Higgs factory?”), and then reports from Borex, Kamland, SuperKamiokande, Minos. Should be interesting!

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