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Wednesday, March 16th Program

March 16, 2011

Welcome everybody to this new day @ Neutel.

Sorry for being late, but the usual Italian train delays and this horrible rainy weather didn’t help me in coming from Padova.

Here’s is the today’s program:

A. Baldini – Results from the MEG Experiment

P. Paradisi – Lepton Flavor Violation and Neutrino Physics

C. Volpe – Neutrinos and SuperNovae

A. Melchiorri – Cosmology and Neutrino Masses

G. Gelmini – Direct Dark Matter Searches: Fits to the WIMP Candidates

E. Aprile – Results from the XENON100 Experiment

S. F. King – Neutrino Mass Models: how could be constrained by Results from Neutrino Oscillations?

M. Maltoni – New Physics in the Atmospheric Sector: non-Standard Interactions and CPT Violation.

T. Lasserre – The Reactor Antineutrino Anomaly.

T. Schwetz – Reactor Anomaly, Theta13, and Sterile Neutrinos

A. Rubbia – T2K Results

A. Sousa – NOvA

A. C. Serra – Double Chooz

Y. Wang – Daya Bay and Future Prospects

S. Kim – RENO

Dense and promising, isn’t it?!

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