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Results from the XENON100 Experiment – E. Aprile

March 16, 2011

So, I know most of you was awaiting for the release of the new XENON100 results, and indeed me too. But unfortunately E. Aprile talk hasn’t come up to our expectations: everything is still blinded!!!

According to what she told us, maybe some more weeks are still needed…

Good news have however come: those worrying Kr backgrounds seem to be under control. They claim to have an 80 ppt contamination (low enough to let the signal emerge from the background in XENON100, while a contamination 2 order of magnitude smaller will be needed in XENON1t), obtained using a distillation column (a quite usual procedure) and monitored analysing with a new ad-hoc device (ATTA, Atom Trap Trace Analysis) a sample of liquid extracted from the detector volume.

As soon as the talk slides will be available, I will update this post with plots and more precise numbers. Stay tuned!!!


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