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NEUTEL Starts!

March 15, 2011

I am blogging from the elegant conference venue of Sala del Portego, in Palazzo Franchetti this morning. The registrants are slowly flowing in, and I see things going smoothly.

Despite the attempts of Mauro to cast a renovation of the conference this year, I see that the averge age of participants is in the upper forties or lower fifties… Oh well, it must be a bias due to the fact that younger participants usually sleep longer in the morning hours! I will try to put together more detailed stats later on. In any case, NEUTEL is a well-established conference, with very affectionate customers; furthermore, financiary considerations make it hard for young participants to attend a conference in Venice. But let’s wait to judge.

If you are reading this and you are actually an attendee, please don’t forget that the very tasty lunches served directly at the conference venue can only be got if you wear the badge. Physicists are usually quite careless with wearing these tags, but they are important in order to ease communication (how often have I been addressed by somebody reading my tag and saying “oh, so you are Dorigo, the blogger”, or in more awkward situation got inquisitive stares which only later resolved in actually shaking hands, when I was failing to wear the darn thing).

Actually, this is the first time I see a badge which can be worn on both sides. It is of the “hang off the neck” kind, which has the obvious drawback that 50% of the tags will end up showing the back and be totally useless. Ok, let’s make that 48% (there’s a small % of careful physicists who will make a point of having the badge facing the right way). This year’s badge has the name on both sides! Smarrrrrt organizers!

Okay, enough blabla for this morning. I look forward to today’s talk, and I hope I will be able to report on some of them -I still have to see some of my collaborators coming in and get flooded with my requests for specific posts. But first, let me list here what is today’s program, very quickly:

– A. McDonald, Neutrino Oscillation Measurements: Past and Present

– E. Lisi: Phenomenology of Neutrino Physics

– A. Serenelli: Solar Neutrinos and the Sun

– R.J. Wilkes: SuperKamiokande

– S. Biller: SNO Results and SNO+

– G. Fiorentini: GeoNeutrinos

– E. Meroni: BOREXINO

– K. Inoue: KamLAND and KamLAND-Zen

– L. Patrizii: OPERA

– F. Pietropaolo: ICARUS and Status of the Liquid Argon Technology

– L. Corwin: MINOS



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  1. March 15, 2011 8:03 am

    Wow! And of course you will blog on every talk. Good conference organisers get those special details right, without which any meeting can turn into a disaster. Would be nice to be in Venice, and I could not be much further away …

  2. Mauro Mezzetto permalink
    March 16, 2011 8:42 am

    Tommaso’s bias is also that he sits in row 5 or 6 (out of 19), young people prefer to sit back on the room.

    We indeed prepared single sided badges. We had to prepare everything for Venice within past Friday, 1 p.m. At noon Prof. Bettini (Padova University but also director of the Canfranc underground lab) come to the secretary asking for a very late registration, booking of the hotels and a free conference fee (he had a yes, yes, no). He noted that we were shipping single sided badges and basically laughed of us. Leopolda, Paola and Daniele argued that the problem was not the single side by the physics themselves, they don’t pay attention when the wear the badges. A couple of trials destroyed this hypothesis.
    So we had to prepare 160 new sheets and fit them in the badges in half an hour. We renounced to cut them one by one with a special cutter (they are printed 8 per page) and used a large blade cutting two pages at the time. In this way these second sheets are not perfect as the originals. After this we had to restore the alphabetical order of 16 badges at time (this was my task, and I realized that my personal algorithms were not practical in this case) and insert them in the badges. We kept the time. Nice to see that in this way we prevented the entire blog to laugh of us.
    By the way, if you think we wasted 20 pages of A4 paper, try to print 8 badges per page two sided and look if they come out of the printer perfectly aligned.

    • March 16, 2011 9:06 am

      Mauro, thanks for reminding me that I will never organize a workshop in this life 😉

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