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An Icarus Event

March 8, 2011

Alas, being a professional blogger and working in collaboration with professional physicists in this blog means that they shower me with work to do, rather than taking it in their hands.

I received today a nice event display of ICARUS from Angela Fava (see her presentation here), who suggested I could substitute it with the existing banner of this blog. The image is shown below:

I have two things against this.

One: Angela, you know the damn password of this site 😉 so if you have a good idea you should implement it yourself… The wordpress instructions are not harder than those of the ICARUS trigger.

Two: I think this is a pretty nice image for a neutrino experiment, but visually, it sucks! Please, look at it: it is in shades of grey; it has some disturbing horizontal banding; it has a black blob at the center, where the blog title would presumably land. Nice as a neutrino interaction, horrible as a presentation picture!

The above considerations are my own. If you believe this is a better banner than the one I picked (which is just a first bid, I’ll admit, since I did not have much time to put together something nicer and more on-topic), please say so in the comments thread… As readers this is your blog as well as ours.

(posted by T.Dorigo)

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