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Presenting The Authors: 3 – Luca Merlo

March 6, 2011

Hi there, I’m glad to contribute to this blog: let me introduce myself. My name is Luca Merlo and my connection with this conference, apart from being one of the participants, is to know quite well the Department of Physics in Padova, where I studied during the degree and the Ph.D. At the moment I am a postdoc at the Technische Universitat of Munich.

I am a theoretical physicist an my principal interest is in flavour model building, that means the use of flavour symmetries to explain the origin of fermion masses and mixings in models beyond the SM. I approached this topic in a period when there has been a great interest in reproducing the mixings among three oscillating neutrinos by the use of discrete non-Abelian flavour symmetries. I worked on this subject too, analysing several neutrino mixing patterns, the extensions to the quark sector, the appearance of FCNC processes and the interplay with Leptogenesis.

I am waiting for this conference with great interest to listen to novelties and updates and to discuss and interact with the other participants. See you there, ciao!

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