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Two Articles on Physics World

March 4, 2011

Admittedly this has very little to do with neutrinos, but I will nonetheless use this blog -still in its infancy and in dire need of sensible contributions- to advertise two feature articles I wrote in the last few months for Physics World. The two articles have appeared in the March issue, after a lot of work and a very fruitful collaboration with my feature editor, Louise Mayor. You can read the first feature article online here.

Louise has also published online in a nice post of hers four hand-drawn cartoons I had sketched for the first of the two articles. They describe pictorially the four main stages of  the analysis of data at a hadron collider experiment -namely, CMS, the one I participate in. Originally, the panels were meant to illustrate what I discuss in the first of the two articles, but space limitations forced the editors to cut them off.

It is quite nice that while the second of my articles spends a lot of time on the possible signatures of supersymmetry that the Large Hadron Collider experiments ATLAS and CMS might observe, the latter have indeed started to produce important new results that limit the space of existence of such theory. SUSY has over a hundred free parameters and is not a theory but a framework of theories, but if one restricts the investigation to some specific subsets of the SUSY manifestations, one can meaningfully decide whether these are compatible with observed experimental data collected last year by the two main LHC experiments. And the result is that the allowed value of some of the parameters is shrinking considerably with respect to what was left viable after the negative searches performed in the past at the Tevatron and LEP. You can find more information on the LHC searches in three blog postings in my main blog: here, here, and here. Happy reading!

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