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Presenting the authors: 2. Tommaso Dorigo

March 3, 2011

I won’t make the rather conceited mistake of assuming that everybody who is interested in high-energy physics in the web world knows me, so here I am, presenting myself as a contributor to this blog.

I am a INFN researcher in experimental particle physics in Padova, Italy. I have collaborated with the CDF experiment at the Fermilab Tevatron proton-antiproton collider since 1992, and with the CMS experiment at the CERN LHC proton-proton collider since 2001.

So what do I know about neutrinos, and why am I blogging for NEUTEL ? Well… I know a little bit about neutrino physics because it is not a field of research too disconnected to the things I work on in hadron collider physics.

I have folllowed the last two editions of NEUTEL in Venice, and I look forward to this new edition as a chance to get adjourned on the latest development of the quite rich and exciting field of research provided by neutrino physics.

But most of all, I will be blogging here because I am a blogger. I have been a blogger since 2005, when I participated in the “Quantum Diaries” endeavour for the international year of physics. When that interesting experience ended, I was left with the impression that a void needed to be filled. There is, indeed, demand for plain-English explanation of the cutting-edge physics we do in HEP.

I founded the blog “A Quantum Diaries Survivor” in 2006, and ran it until April 2009, when I moved to a bigger site, where I felt I could reach more people and participate in a bigger project. The QDS blog contains over 1500 posts and collected over a million visitors during its 40 months of running at full speed, and the material that is there is still attracting about 300 visitors a day now.

From April 2009 I am blogging at the science2.0 site. You can visit me there for updates on research developments at the Tevatron and the LHC, plus more.

And here ? Well, here I will primarily discuss what I learn at NeuTel, but also touch related issues, if I have a chance. Stay tuned!

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